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Raleigh, NC

I believe strongly that people can make the best decisions for themselves when they have the information they need. Otherwise, there is waste and regret. Tragic! I loathe waste of ANY kind (time, space, words, energy, steps, money, love, and all other valuable resources), especially business knowledge among entrepreneurs. 

This is why I founded Friendpreneurship, LLC: to provide a conduit for leveraging business knowledge, acceleration, and growth. 

Friendpreneurship: Visionaries Supporting Visionaries, is a business support service that builds community by connecting entrepreneurs through targeted networking and live storytelling events so they can learn from each other and succeed in business.

No matter how talented and passionate an entrepreneur is, their business will fail if they lack business knowledge and access to the right tools and resources. My business was failing, but at just the right moment, a friendly entrepreneur talked me off the ledge of small business suicide. Not only did she offer words of encouragement, but she also gave me the tools and resources I needed to make my next move. That’s Friendpreneurship!

So wait. Don’t jump! I see you, standing on the ledge of small business suicide. You DO have a great idea. You DO have an innovative product. You DO offer a valuable service. Everything is going to be alright.

Let me be your Friendpreneur Plug. I’m not just a CEO, I’m a fellow entrepreneur who understands the challenges and the potential of your business. With over 25 years of service in technology and communications, I’m here to help you avoid the business mistakes I made. I’m going to show you what it means to be a Friendpreneur. 

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Dr. Emily Jane Buehler

Author, Editor

Chapel Hill, NC

Emily Jane Buehler is an independent editor and author. She earned her PhD in chemistry from the University of North Carlina at Chapel Hill and has over ten years of experience copyediting scientific and academic materials. She once worked as a bread baker and continues to teach bread-making classes. Her first two books were Bread Science: The Chemistry and Craft of Baking Bread and a memoir of her cross-country bicycle trip called Somewhere and Nowhere. She lives in Hillsborough, NC, with her cat, Coco and her sourdough starter, Rocky Bal-dough-a.

Emily currently writes progressive romance novels under the name Jane Buehler. While romance novels have a long and varied history, current trends are toward portraying positive relationships with good communication, modeling proper consent in all interactions, and including diverse types of relationships and people. Emily supports these trends with her own books. She wants her stories to be a welcome escape from the stresses of the real world.

Emily’s novels fall in the “cozy fantasy” genre—they are lighthearted stories with adventure, love, and magic but without the violence or trauma of many fantasy worlds. Her characters are often shy, anxious, or self-doubting but learn to believe in themselves throughout the story. Lately she’s been pushing back on some of the norms of her genre and writing characters who approach love and relationships with trepidation, including characters on the asexual spectrum.

Ryan Ray

Thought Leader | Empowerment Speaker | Financial Literacy Champion

Ryan is committed to ‘Creating a Loving, Abundant World, Where Everyone Feels Empowered’. He began his journey with a dream. Passionately motivated to positively influence the lives of others, he
has dedicated his life to service. His mission is to seek excellence in his own life, thus inspiring and liberating others to do the same.

In his personal development program, ‘Excellence2Success’, he teaches that the ‘Pursuit of Excellence produces the Satisfaction of Success & Significance’. While in pursuit of overcoming his own financial challenges, Ryan recognized the lack of education around financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

In 2015, he founded Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership to educate, empower, and equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skill sets to win in business. It didn’t take long for Ryan to become recognized as a Champion for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Development.

In 2018, Ryan was offered and accepted the role of President & CEO of Jobs for Life (JfL). JfL is a global, nonprofit organization that engages communities and supports them in creating pathways to meaningful work and entrepreneurial opportunities for all people. Their goal is to ‘Uplift Humanity through the Dignity of Work’.

The combination of passion, experience, and leadership has positioned Ryan to work with professionals and executives with families, who desire to leave a legacy but lack the strategy. Ryan equips his clients with the knowledge, skill sets, and relationships that empower them to achieve and maintain financial prosperity for their family

Shirlene Washington

Cofounder of Sista 2 Sista Bling along with her sister, Pamela Davis

Retired letter carrier of the USPS

Shirlene Washington’s vision for Sista 2 Sista Bling is truly inspiring. Her dedication to empowering women and fostering a sense of community through fashion is commendable. By championing sisterhood and promoting inclusivity, she is building a brand and creating a movement that encourages women to support and uplift each other.

The emphasis on meaningful connections and celebrating women’s achievements goes beyond just selling apparel—it reflects a more profound commitment to social impact and empowerment. Shirlene’s goal to expand and offer resources or initiatives that further empower women and contribute to social causes aligns perfectly with her brand’s values. This comprehensive approach to business highlights the importance of using entrepreneurship for positive change.

By inviting others to embrace self-expression through their products, Sista 2 Sista Bling is not just selling clothing but inviting women to be a part of something bigger—a movement that celebrates diversity, empowers women, and promotes unity. Shirlene’s passion and dedication are evident, and her vision for the future holds great promise for both her brand and the women it seeks to empower.

Anne-Yael Dorsey

CEO of Meat & Graze

Durham, NC

As the founder of Meat & Graze, Anne-Yael has carved a niche for herself in the culinary world. Located in the vibrant Boyard at RTP- NC, Meat & Graze offers a delectable array of grazing tables, charcuterie classes, and artisan “Lunchables.” Anne-Yael’s passion for quality ingredients and creative presentation shines through in every aspect of her business, delighting customers with delicious cheeses and meats that tantalize the taste buds.

Through her entrepreneurial journey, Anne-Yael Dorsey continues to embody a commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and culinary innovation. With her unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm, she remains a driving force behind Meat & Graze’s success, leaving an impression on both clients and industry peers alike.

“It has been an incredible journey filled with growth, innovation, and meaningful connections. Our brick-and-mortar space has not just been a place of business; it is a hub where relationships have blossomed, ideas have thrived, and memories have been made. Thank you for being a part of our journey!”, as stated by Anne, as she surpassed her second year in business.

Amy Terrell MHSA

CEO & Owner of Still Here LLC

“Patient-Oncologist Matching”

Apex, NC

As a breast cancer SURVIVOR, Amy has experienced the healthcare system’s complexities and intricacies. She understands the challenges when navigating the breast cancer journey because she faced them, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond…

After engaging in numerous heartfelt discussions with breast cancer patients, including those who had faced recurrences, she gained insight into their concerns regarding their treatment journeys and the challenges they encountered in maneuvering through the healthcare system. These discussions and her personal experiences showed her the pressing need for a solution that assists patients in navigating the complexities of healthcare while offering the guidance and support they so urgently require.

Amy founded Still Here, a game-changing Patient-Oncologist Matching service that bridges breast cancer patients with skillful oncologists who are equipped to provide tailored and prompt care. Still Here’s mission is to dissolve existing disparities in breast cancer care. By fostering a connection between patients and oncologists – who are aligned in offering optimal, effective care – we envision a future with improved outcomes and hope for all breast cancer warriors.

Still Here’s Independent Advocacy is paramount in today’s complex healthcare landscape. As an external voice, free from institutional biases, independent advocates offer personalized guidance, ensuring that patients navigate their medical journey with clarity, confidence, and true sense of empowerment. By prioritizing the patient’s needs, rights, and choices, independent advocates ensure that everyone receives optimal care tailored to their unique circumstances.

Support Beyond Matching:

We are with you throughout, from emotional support to post-treatment care.

Annette Brown

CEO of A-Vision Productions

Raleigh, NC

Annette Brown, the owner, lead planner, and designer of A-Vision Productions, is a seasoned event planner based in North Carolina. With years of experience, she has honed her skills in designing, planning, and executing unique and personalized events. Annette is renowned for her creative ideas, meticulous attention to detail, and exquisite décor accents.

Here’s a closer look at Annette Brown and A-Vision Productions:

  1. Background and Expertise:
    • Annette’s passion lies in creating memorable moments for her clients. She visualizes ideas and brings them to life, infusing each event with a touch of magic.
    • Her journey began by organizing events for family and friends, and now she delights and amazes clients by crafting custom celebrations that leave lasting impressions.
    • Annette firmly believes that a merry heart is like medicine, and her dedication to serving others shines through in every project.
  2. A-Vision Productions:
    • A-Vision Productions is a full-service event planning company. From concept to completion, they handle all aspects of event management.
    • Annette’s specialty lies in creating unique events that celebrate clients’ milestones. Her team, known as the AVPlanners, ensures that each occasion is extraordinary.
    • Their process involves consulting with clients to create a customized proposal. Once approved, Annette takes care of the rest, leaving her clients worry-free.
  3. Client-Centric Approach:
    • Annette strives to make every client feel like a guest at their own event. The focus is on impeccable planning, seamless execution, and creating cherished memories.
    • A-Vision Productions has delivered first-class events for clients within North Carolina and occasionally beyond its borders.
  4. Giving Back to the Community:
    • Annette’s commitment extends beyond event planning. She has chosen to support breast cancer awareness through the Breast Cancer Awareness 365 (BCA365) initiative.
    • BCA365 celebrates survivors, provides support during treatment, and honors the memory of warriors who have passed away. Annette achieves this by hosting fundraising efforts for charities that directly impact survivors.
  5. Annette’s Personal Journey:
    • In November 2022, Annette received a diagnosis of breast cancer. Her own journey has intensified her efforts to raise awareness for this cause.
    • She refuses to let the miracle she sought and received go stale. Annette and AVP Events are making resources available on a greater scale through their fundraising efforts.

Annette’s resilience,  passion, creativity, and dedication make A-Vision Productions a beacon of excellence in the event planning industry.

Please feel free to contact Annette to schedule a free consultation.

Ken Johnson

CEO of Specialty Screen Printing

Portland, Oregon

Specialty Screen Printing specializes in providing custom #screenprinting services encompassing various types and shapes of objects. Their printing capabilities extend to diverse materials such as glass, metal, wood, plastics, pressure-sensitive films, polycarbonate, and polyester. Clients dealing with unconventional shapes, designs requiring durable inks, or problematic substrates are encouraged to contact them, as they have a passion for addressing unique printing challenges.

The company excels in printing decals, labels, signs, circuitry, graphic overlays, and more. Screen printing emerges as the optimal solution for manufacturing businesses aiming to imprint their brand on a range of items, create specialized printed materials for events or displays, or work with non-traditional paper substrates.

As a family-operated business with decades of experience, Specialty Screen Printing approaches clients’ needs with flexibility. They offer assistance with design, concepts, technology, and fabrication, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive support.

Wayne Angel

Owner of Franchise Angels, LLC

Decatur, GA

“Helping entrepreneurs realize their dream of investing in a franchise.”

As a franchise consultant Wayne Angel helps folks find, evaluate and fund small business opportunities across the US and Canada. Recently he has placed clients in Food Service, Health & Wellness, Staffing, Home Services, Retail, Commercial Cleaning and Vending businesses. Wayne’s firsthand approach allows him to thoughtfully find the right business outcome for each individual client.

Prior to his role as a franchise consultant, Wayne excelled in diverse business ventures, serving as a highly sought-after construction project manager, real estate investor, home renovator, and real estate agent. Wayne is poised to apply his wealth of experience to achieve similar success for your endeavors.

With a background as a Civil Engineer holding an MBA degree, Wayne is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for strategic decision-making. Additionally, he holds a real estate license in the state of Georgia, further enhancing his ability to navigate and contribute to the real estate and home services landscape.

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