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Askia Robertson and Corey Gatling

CEOs of Express Care Transport, LLC

Durham, NC

Corey Gatling and Askia Robertson are the owners of Express Care Transport, LLC. Corey and Askia have an extensive medical background spanning over 20 years. They are both baccalaureate degree nurses with experience in Hemodialysis (both Peritoneal Dialysis and Outpatient Dialysis), Public Health, and Medical Surgical Nursing. They were both frontline nurses in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have spent the last few years traveling around the country as travel nurses for a global dialysis company. These experiences have highlighted the need for medical transportation services throughout the country. Corey and Askia understand the need for timely, reliable, and dependable transportation services.

Corey and Askia are baccalaureate degree Registered Nurses. They made the decision to step out on faith and start their own Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company (NEMT). Between them both, they have 25-plus years of medical experience. They understand how important it is to get to medical appointments such as dialysis, chemotherapy, physical therapy, annual checkups, and preventative care appointments. They understand that their clients’ time is valuable to both the client and their family members. They are committed to providing safe, efficient, and timely service. 




Glenna Gonzalez

CEO of JB Tyler Marketing & Consulting, LLC

Durham, NC

With a career spanning more than two decades in Marketing and Business Development, Glenna Gonzalez has played a pivotal role in guiding clients and businesses toward growth, transformation, and success. Her extensive background includes marketing for national and international organizations, serving in various capacities as an employee and a Freelancer.

As an award-winning business development professional, Glenna has achieved remarkable results for the businesses and clients she’s had the privilege to serve. In addition to her marketing expertise, she brings experience as a workforce planner and talent advisor for national and international organizations. Her focus has been on aiding brands in their growth and scalability through strategic workforce planning and acquisition. Holding certification as a Coach, Glenna has had the opportunity to coach and consult clients across the United States.

Her personal journey involves transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship. This shift followed successful years in Human Resources for national and international corporations, during which Glenna initially ventured into side gigs in Content Creation, Marketing, and Public Relations. Recognizing that Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, she acknowledges its continual learning demands. However, Glenna believes her story can resonate with others navigating similar paths.

Several key points make Glenna’s story and expertise worth sharing. Holding an MBA and a Master’s in Human Services uniquely positioned her to approach marketing and consulting from both business and human-centered perspectives. It’s essential to note that many successful digital marketers and content creators have learned from various online and digital platforms. Glenna’s journey from part-time freelance work with JB Tyler Marketing & Consulting, LLC to becoming a full-time entrepreneur is a testament to the resilience and adaptability required in today’s business landscape, particularly for individuals over 40.

Lileah Akiode

Managing Director/Talent Acquisition Consultant of The Black Diamond Agency, LLC

Raleigh, NC

With over two decades of experience, Lileah is a seasoned Executive Recruiter who excels at building exceptional teams for unique organizations. Her impressive career spans across a variety of industries including retail, financial services, and biotech industries, where she has guided more than 1000 individuals through transformative career journeys.


Lileah’s expertise extends beyond professional pursuits, as she enjoys a diverse range of interests, including spending time with her family, expressing her creativity through scrapbooking, staying active with running, and appreciating all things chocolate. Her career path has taken her through various roles, from a Generalist to an Executive Recruiter in corporate HR, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment process.


Adaptability, creativity, and active listening are the cornerstones of Lileah’s approach. She thrives on connecting with people, understanding diverse roles, and exploring emerging industries. With experience working with both ambitious startups and established Fortune 500 companies, she has a knack for matching talented individuals with roles that align with their career aspirations.


Lileah tackles recruitment challenges with innovative solutions, prioritizing active listening to truly grasp the unique needs of both candidates and organizations. By fostering these connections, she creates win-win scenarios that benefit all parties involved.


As a champion of team-building, Lileah is passionate about infusing organizations with vibrant energy and positive impact. She leverages her persuasive skills to advocate for mutually beneficial outcomes, aligning individual career goals with the objectives of the organization. With her unwavering dedication to your success, Lileah brings passion, leadership, and strategic guidance to elevate your talent acquisition journey to new heights.

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Beverly Jurenko

Founder of Beverly Jurenko Coaching

Asheville, NC

As the founder of Beverly Coaching,  a key focus for Beverly Jurenko is offering Executive and Leadership Coaching to facilitate positive impact and personal growth. Drawing upon ontological training as a Coach, an extensive educational background, and broad international experience spanning the corporate, startup, and non-profit sectors, she brings a holistic approach to coaching. Certified as an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation and trained by the Academy for Coaching Excellence—an ICF-accredited organization—her coaching is grounded in recognized standards.

With a profound commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Beverly engages in coaching and consulting to empower individuals to build an inclusive world where everyone can thrive. To Beverly, the pinnacle of performance in the workplace is achieved by pursuing excellence and equity while embracing compassion and a sense of belonging. Additionally, Beverly supports ambitious leaders in recognizing the value of compassion as a fundamental strength. This involves a shift in energy from toughness and judgment to embracing compassion and inclusion. This transformative approach underscores the importance of fostering a vibrant world rooted in authenticity and our shared humanity.

Sharon Ragin

CEO of Sharon Ragin CPA, LLC

Conyers, GA

Sharon Ragin, a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Forensic Examiner with a Master’s in Taxation, is an inspiring motivator and influential entrepreneur. Holding licenses as a CPA, realtor, and insurance agent, Sharon boasts a diverse array of titles. A proud alumna of Georgia State University, where she earned her Master of Taxation, she also holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Maryland, College Park. Leveraging over four decades of experience and extensive education, Sharon collaborates with small business owners locally and nationally to help them reach their financial goals.

As the CEO of Sharon Ragin CPA, LLC. in Conyers, Georgia, Sharon has forged a strong reputation for delivering high-quality accounting, tax, and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sharon’s legacy is marked by her commitment to providing entrepreneurship, education, and life skills resources to impact families positively. She firmly believes in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and education, considering them keys to a better life. Actively involved in her community, Sharon founded the Soaring Eagles Training and Development Corporation, a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to empowering women and youth locally, nationally, and internationally. The organization offers financial resources, paid internships, tuition assistance, and life skill resources to students pursuing post-secondary accounting and finance degrees.

As a dedicated community advocate, Sharon generously imparts business tips to thousands of followers and clients on social media, contributing to the empowerment of aspiring entrepreneurs. Her influence extends to various board positions across Metro Atlanta. Recognized for her achievements, she is the recipient of the Bargainer and Associates Tax Award from Georgia State University. Sharon is also a proud professional member of several prestigious organizations, including the Henry County Chamber of Commerce, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the National Society of Tax Professionals, The Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American Board of Forensic Accounting, and the Association of Certified Forensic Examiners.

For more information on how you can donate to Soaring Eagles Training and Development Corporation, please visit www.soaringeagles21.org

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Marcus Aman

CEO of Bayley SmartLot

Wilson, NC

In his role as the Co-Founder and CEO of Bayley, Marcus leads a team of dedicated innovators and problem-solvers committed to revolutionizing the automotive industry through intelligent sensor solutions. The Bayley SmartShop and SmartLot, integrated IoT systems, effectively monitor vehicle and key movements throughout the service and sales lifecycle. These systems identify and eliminate bottlenecks that hinder efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Marcus boasts over 16 years of extensive experience in the automotive sector, covering sales, insurance, fixed operations, and digital marketing. Co-founding two successful startups, Bayley and ShyftAuto, he harnesses technology to craft customer-centric and data-driven solutions for dealerships and service providers. Recognized for his entrepreneurial and innovative prowess, Marcus has earned accolades like Startup of the Year, the NC Idea Seed Grant, and the NC Top 10 Startup Award. Always eager to acquire new skills, he remains open to exploring fresh opportunities within the IoT and automotive domains.

Dr. Barbara Pullen-Smith

CEO of Bridging Possibilities and Solutions (BPS) Consulting, LLC

Garner, NC

Dr. Barbara Pullen-Smith brings over 35 years of extensive experience in public health to her career. Early on, she engaged in community outreach, health advocacy, and lay health advisor roles for esteemed organizations like the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the American Cancer Society. She held pivotal positions over her 27-year tenure at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), notably as the founding Director of the NC Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities for an impressive 19 years.

Her influence extended nationally, marked by her presidency at the National Association of State Offices of Minority Health (NASOMH) and contributions to the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities under the Department of Health and Human Services.

Since retiring from DHHS in 2012, Dr. Barbara has served the community as an author, public health consultant, and entrepreneur. During her five-year tenure as a professor at a local Historically Black College and University (HBCU), she initiated and coordinated an Internship Program for undergraduate Public Health majors. In her consulting role, she addresses crucial areas such as diversity, health equity, healthcare access, health disparities, and health advocacy.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Barbara has established a home-based business model that assembles teams to promote wellness, foster positive self-images, and create cultural experiences worldwide. Her commitment to these causes underscores her ongoing dedication to public health and community well-being.

Dr. Greta Oliver

CEO & Founder, Greta Oliver Consulting

Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Greta Oliver, a seasoned professional coach specializing in student development, career advancement, and leadership growth, is dedicated to aiding individuals undergoing transitions. Leveraging her extensive background, which spans years of engagement with students at various levels and roles as a corporate training specialist, higher education administrator, and adjunct educator in education and human resource development, she offers her expertise to support those transitioning from high school to higher education, individuals in career transitions, and those aspiring to enhance their leadership skills.

Greta Oliver excels in providing consulting and training services, focusing on Student Development, Career Coaching, and Leadership Development. Her offerings cater to individuals navigating educational and career transitions. Those aspiring for higher education can benefit from comprehensive courses covering all aspects of the college search process. Individuals undergoing career shifts, whether unemployed, underemployed, or working adults, can access courses that encompass effective job and career search strategies.

She is the author of two books: College Roadmap – Essential Tips for First-Time College Students and Their Familiespublished in 2021, and Career Roadmap – Setting Yourself Up to Reach Your Career Aspirations, published in 2023. 

Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook

CEO, Global Black Women's Chamber of Commerce

New York, NY

As a third-generation business owner, she stands at the helm of the only global professional speakers bureau led by a Black woman, Charisma Speakers. The visionary behind the Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce, she passionately pursues her mission to empower a global workforce of women. With unyielding determination, the organization has evolved into a thriving network, fostering dreams, building connections, for countless foreign entrepreneurs. Together, they continue to craft a narrative of female empowerment. 

Meet Suzan Johnson Cook, a national and international leader specializing in cross-cultural competencies, business, and women’s equity and empowerment. A diplomat, success strategist, community organizer, and third-generation Black female business owner, she guides others in expanding their influence and impact at regional, national, and global levels. Her significant contributions, particularly with women, seniors, and multi-faith leaders, include founding W.O.W. (Women on the Worldstage), hosting annual self-care retreats, celebrations, and collaborating with the Religious Freedom and Business on the intersectionality of business and faith, as well as with national non-profits.

A White House Fellow from the classes of ’93 and ’94, Ambassador Sujay has served alongside two U.S. Presidents, three members of the Cabinet, providing expertise as a faith advisor and domestic and foreign policy analyst. She proudly holds membership in the distinguished Renaissance Weekend and DELTA SIGMA THETA Sorority. Known for her exciting, energetic, impactful, interesting, inspirational, informative, and insightful interviews and speeches, she is also a TV commentator and columnist for the Huffington Post and Thrive Global.

Ambassador Sujay, the innovator, motivator, and communicator, has delivered over 3,000 speeches, inspiring individuals, businesses, and audiences worldwide.

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