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REPOST: Spreadsheet with funding and resource links for 2024


By Dr. Melanie Duncan

April 10, 2024


Funding Opportunity: Explore investment sources, grants, prizes & competitions


Main Street Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program  

Best business loans of March 2024

Whether you’re just getting started or been in business for years, a business loan can give you the capital you need to grow

Business Credit Resources

Guide to 7 Vendors to Start Building Business Credit Immediately Without a Personal Check or Guarantee

CreditSuite: FREEOnline Class

Discover 7 Easy Vendors to Start Building Business Credit Immediately – without a Personal Credit Check or Guarantee

Simple 5-Step Checklist on Business Credit FREE

How to Establish Business Credit That’s Not Linked to Your Personal Credit Score!

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative

The World Has Changed in Ways That Now Require Everyone to Think Like an Entrepreneur

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