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Welcome to “Entrepreneurs In The Spotlight,” the ultimate hub for celebrating the journeys of visionary entrepreneurs and providing them with the spotlight they truly deserve! Our platform is dedicated to showcasing the diverse and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are shaping the business landscape with their innovation, determination, and passion.

At JB Tyler Marketing & Consulting, LLC, we believe that every entrepreneur has a unique tale to tell, and we are committed to giving them the visibility they need to reach new heights. By featuring in-depth profiles of these trailblazers, we aim to not only highlight their achievements but also offer valuable insights into the challenges they’ve overcome, the lessons they’ve learned, and the strategies that have propelled them towards success. Our platform serves as a digital stage where entrepreneurs can share their experiences, connect with like-minded individuals, and inspire aspiring business leaders.

As a part of our vibrant community, entrepreneurs can look forward to gaining widespread exposure and connecting with a global audience of enthusiasts, investors, and potential collaborators. We understand the importance of recognition in the entrepreneurial journey, and through “Entrepreneurs In The Spotlight,” we strive to create a dynamic space where entrepreneurs can thrive, share their wisdom, and forge meaningful connections. Join us in celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and let the world discover the incredible stories behind the visionaries who are redefining the future!

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Our Featured Entrepreneurs

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond

Executive Coach and Founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates

Tampa, FL

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is a distinguished psychologist, executive coach, and the visionary founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates, a private practice in the Tampa Bay area. Widely recognized for her profound insights into mental health, burnout prevention, and leadership development, Dr. Hammond is also the esteemed host of the acclaimed series “Mental Health Moment with Dr. Hammond”.

Having served as the former President of the Florida Psychological Association, Dr. Hammond’s impact extends beyond clinical practice to pivotal roles on the boards of the Ryan Nece Foundation and Rising Media Stars, Inc. Her remarkable dedication to mental health advocacy and community empowerment has garnered her numerous prestigious awards, including the Next Level Leadership Award, the Brian Thomas Spirit of Excellence, and the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Hammond’s expertise has been sought after by international audiences, as she captivates listeners as a distinguished speaker and Amazon international best-selling author. Her profound influence transcends traditional boundaries, with features on major media platforms such as NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and Essence Magazine.

Renowned for her dynamic presentations, Dr. Hammond has graced illustrious stages including Corporate Counsel Women of Color and TEDx, where she shares her holistic approach to mental wellness and leadership equilibrium.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Hammond finds joy in cherished moments with her husband and son. She finds fulfillment in a diverse array of interests, including nature walks, leisure writing, international exploration, and CrossFit.

For speaking engagements or media consultations, Dr. Hammond can be reached through her website

Taken from her site:

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Raleigh, NC

I believe strongly that people can make the best decisions for themselves when they have the information they need. Otherwise, there is waste and regret. Tragic! I loathe waste of ANY kind (time, space, words, energy, steps, money, love, and all other valuable resources), especially business knowledge among entrepreneurs. 

This is why I founded Friendpreneurship, LLC: to provide a conduit for leveraging business knowledge, acceleration, and growth. 

Friendpreneurship: Visionaries Supporting Visionaries, is a business support service that builds community by connecting entrepreneurs through targeted networking and live storytelling events so they can learn from each other and succeed in business.

No matter how talented and passionate an entrepreneur is, their business will fail if they lack business knowledge and access to the right tools and resources. My business was failing, but at just the right moment, a friendly entrepreneur talked me off the ledge of small business suicide. Not only did she offer words of encouragement, but she also gave me the tools and resources I needed to make my next move. That’s Friendpreneurship!

So wait. Don’t jump! I see you, standing on the ledge of small business suicide. You DO have a great idea. You DO have an innovative product. You DO offer a valuable service. Everything is going to be alright.

Let me be your Friendpreneur Plug. I’m not just a CEO, I’m a fellow entrepreneur who understands the challenges and the potential of your business. With over 25 years of service in technology and communications, I’m here to help you avoid the business mistakes I made. I’m going to show you what it means to be a Friendpreneur. 

Learn more and/or schedule a Talk with Tiff at



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Dr. Emily Jane Buehler

Author, Editor

Chapel Hill, NC

Emily Jane Buehler is an independent editor and author. She earned her PhD in chemistry from the University of North Carlina at Chapel Hill and has over ten years of experience copyediting scientific and academic materials. She once worked as a bread baker and continues to teach bread-making classes. Her first two books were Bread Science: The Chemistry and Craft of Baking Bread and a memoir of her cross-country bicycle trip called Somewhere and Nowhere. She lives in Hillsborough, NC, with her cat, Coco and her sourdough starter, Rocky Bal-dough-a.

Emily currently writes progressive romance novels under the name Jane Buehler. While romance novels have a long and varied history, current trends are toward portraying positive relationships with good communication, modeling proper consent in all interactions, and including diverse types of relationships and people. Emily supports these trends with her own books. She wants her stories to be a welcome escape from the stresses of the real world.

Emily’s novels fall in the “cozy fantasy” genre—they are lighthearted stories with adventure, love, and magic but without the violence or trauma of many fantasy worlds. Her characters are often shy, anxious, or self-doubting but learn to believe in themselves throughout the story. Lately she’s been pushing back on some of the norms of her genre and writing characters who approach love and relationships with trepidation, including characters on the asexual spectrum.

Ryan Ray

Thought Leader | Empowerment Speaker | Financial Literacy Champion

Ryan is committed to ‘Creating a Loving, Abundant World, Where Everyone Feels Empowered’. He began his journey with a dream. Passionately motivated to positively influence the lives of others, he
has dedicated his life to service. His mission is to seek excellence in his own life, thus inspiring and liberating others to do the same.

In his personal development program, ‘Excellence2Success’, he teaches that the ‘Pursuit of Excellence produces the Satisfaction of Success & Significance’. While in pursuit of overcoming his own financial challenges, Ryan recognized the lack of education around financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

In 2015, he founded Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership to educate, empower, and equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skill sets to win in business. It didn’t take long for Ryan to become recognized as a Champion for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Development.

In 2018, Ryan was offered and accepted the role of President & CEO of Jobs for Life (JfL). JfL is a global, nonprofit organization that engages communities and supports them in creating pathways to meaningful work and entrepreneurial opportunities for all people. Their goal is to ‘Uplift Humanity through the Dignity of Work’.

The combination of passion, experience, and leadership has positioned Ryan to work with professionals and executives with families, who desire to leave a legacy but lack the strategy. Ryan equips his clients with the knowledge, skill sets, and relationships that empower them to achieve and maintain financial prosperity for their family.

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